Pick and Pack for Apparel

How can Pick & Pack Vendors tailor for the Fashion and Apparel Industry?

By Will Schneider

Pick and Pack Apparel ImagePick & Pack Vendors offer cost efficient shipping & warehousing methods for business – including pick and pack for apparel. Vendors that specialize in Fashion and Apparel, provide shipments and storage for flat packed clothing such as T-shirts as well as Garment-On-Hanger (G.O.H) services. So what should you consider when choosing a Vendor?

  • Experience – have they done this before? If not, do they have sophisticated systems and clean facilities to be successful? Pick and Pack for Apparel is quite complex, so experience counts.
  • Good Security – check out how your merchandise will be protected.  Do you need to worry about how it is stored?  Protected from damage?
  • Computerized – Is the Vendor operating with up-to-date systems for tracking and distribution
  • Personalized Service – Will they work with you to meet or exceed your needs.  And how willing are they to do so?
  • Customer testimonies – how satisfied is there past and existing customers.  Any reoccurring problems or complaints? Ask pick and pack apparel companies for references and do your due diligence.
  • Staff – Do they have well trained staff?
  • Location – can they operate in the areas you need to deliver to
  • Organization – How well are they organized, is their location neat, clean?

Our company prides itself in Pre-checking and pre-qualifying its Vendors.  We do the work for you, but you are welcome to ask questions and should. In the case of fashion and apparel pick and pack companies, we can connect you with organizations that specialize in this very detail oriented niche.