Packaging Considerations for Small Business Shipping

By Will Schneider

There is a long list of items to consider when packaging and shipping your product to customers. And as a small business owner with too many projects on your plate, becoming a packaging and shipping expert may not be in the cards. So to help you out, we’ve compiled to simple and easy tips to use to help streamline the packaging and shipping of your orders. Implementing even one of these tips can, in some cases, make a significant impact.


That’s right….What can you re-use from your very own business or home?  If someone ships items to you, can you re-use the boxes?  Do the boxes have bubble wrap inside?  You can also go to local businesses and ask them for their empty boxes.  Also, you might choose USPS to do your shipping and they will often provide you with free shipping supplies. Finding these free options will help cut costs on packaging.

Print your Own Labels

If you have a good printer at home, you can now find many sites that will allow you to customize your own labels and print them. This will save you time and gas money if you have to drive somewhere to have them print them for you or to pick them up. Then talk to your local mail person to see if there’s anything that can be arranged for picking up larger amounts of orders.

Types of Boxes

Remember, the packaging is an extension of the brand that offers a sense of quality.  So, while trying to save money on boxes for shipping, also take into account what people will think, what the customer will think and feel when they open the box.  Does the box need to be insulated?  Is your product fragile?  Is your product a fashion statement itself?  For instance, if you are shipping a piece of jewelry, you may want to double box it.  Have the shipping box, but inside have the jewelry piece boxed in a separate box with your logo on it.

What type of Box should you use?

  • Go with standard corrugated shipping boxes for any regular shipping need.
  • Consider tucked top boxes for mailing for a cleaner shipping look for packages going to clients
  • Create multiple shipping box sizes with multiple-depth shipping boxes

Make an Impact

A recent study of eBay shippers noted that most ship product in a box without even placing any packaging materials inside. While this saves money, it may also be leaving a lasting impression on customers – in a negative way. By showing a little extra care, you can impress your customers, which may lead to further purchases in the future.

Packaging and shipping aren’t the most interesting parts of your business, but they have a big impact on your company’s success. By giving a little more attention to the packaging process, you can save money and leave a lasting impression on customers, which will only help propel your company to further success and sales.