How Does the Pick and Pack Process Work?

By Carrie Welborn

A fulfillment company works with its clients to provide aide in warehousing and shipping for their business.  Some orders may be more intricate to handle than others.   Pick-n-Pack is a process that fulfillment companies use to fill their clients orders.  The process may include receiving shipments, disassembling them and then reassembling them to be shipped according to the individual requirements of the client.

Take a look at the process:

  •  Receiving product:  This is where a client sends its product to a warehousing facility.  The warehouse has the job of deciding where to place the products.  It may involve large orders that take up ½ or more of the facility or as small as only a few shelves.  Whoever runs the facility needs to have a system to track where the items are located in the warehouse and be able to know if they can handle expansion from that client as his business grows.
  • Storage:  A facility to house the client’s products secure and well protected.   This may include breaking down boxes or pallets for storage and distribution for individual shipments.  Having a good management system in place, which may include bar coding, for accuracy and inventory control.
  • Picking:  This is the process of pulling items from one or more locations to be included with the order that may go to multiple locations.  Having a good management system in place, will allow the picker to pull multiple orders from shelves on a single pass.  Bar coding, electronic tickets and other tools, help to streamline the process and make the picking more efficient.
  • Packing:  After picking the products, they are gathered together and placed in boxes or pallets according to the instructions per the clients needs.
  • Distribution:  The facility works with the delivery systems to make sure your product is delivered to your clients.  You are still responsible for the shipping charges.  It is important to select facilities, so that their location will allow you to ship to the maximum amount of customers for a minimal shipping cost.
  • Confirmation:  The Pick and Pack company you use should be able to provide you confirmation of deliver, inventory control, information about how their facility is managed, and how they will be able to deliver and handle in an accurate and timely manner.

A good Pick N Pack company should prevent expenditures for distribution, building needs, equipment, extra technology for implementing and additional staff needed to complete shipping needs without compromising quality and control.