How Does Our Service Work?

Find Out How Easy We Make Finding a Pick & Pack Company!

With so many shipping companies out there, finding the right pick and pack company for your business can be extremely tough.

  • If you’re searching the web, you’ll find that every company claims to be “the best.” But we know better. In fact, far too many pick and pack firms do a poor job of fulfilling your orders – making errors on your shipments which put your company at risk of losing business. That’s why we have a thorough process of screening companies so that we weed out the bad pick and pack company and instead connect you instantly with the highest performing companies in the business.
  • And be careful when you find other sites out there like ours – some claim to “rank” fulfillment companies and others claim to screen companies in a similar fashion to our website. But don’t believe the hype – we’re the only company that truly screens companies. Oftentimes, these ranking sites connect you with the companies that pay the most money to get connected with you, rather than being connected with you because they’re a high performing pick and pack company that can meet your specific needs.

The process of getting connected with multiple pre-screened Pick & Pack firms that meet your specific needs is simple:

  1. Fill Out a Quick Form – We gather information so we can match you with the best quality vendors available.
  2. We Provide You with Top Companies – We evaluate your specific needs such as what types of services are needed, logistics, technology, etc.
  3. Pick & Pack Companies Contact You – You will be contacted by pre-screened companies matching your needs.  They will provide you with a rate quote.
  4. You Decide – You choose whether to accept one of the pick and pack company’s quotes or decline to accept any of them.
  5. Customer Service – We follow up with you throughout the process to answer questions or provide other services as needed.  This allows our staff to evaluate the pre-screening process to improve present and future services.