Find the Best Pick and Pack Company for Your Business
Take advantage of our 8 years of research in the industry

We Screen Thoroughly

The most difficult part about finding a good fulfillment company is determining who you can trust. You never know if the fulfillment company you contact is really good or if they’re just really good at “selling”. We take the guesswork out by rigorously screening companies. Because we know the fulfillment industry, we know what to look for. We reject many companies that apply to be a part of our network.

Unbiased Information

We believe that the only way to make sure we get you information that will help your business to succeed is to remain completely unbiased. We are not affiliated with any of the vendors in our network. And we don’t act as a brokerage service nor do we receive any commissions from vendors. We simply connect you with the best fulfillment companies for your unique situation.

Fast, FREE, and Simple!

We make the search process as simple as possible for you. Rather than going out and spending countless hours researching fulfillment companies, you can get connected with pre-screened fulfillment firms in minutes using our service. And the service is free for you – the vendors in our network simply pay us a small lead fee when we connect them to you. So you don’t have to worry about any fees or commissions.

The Best Way to Find Pick and Pack Companies

Pre-Screened Companies to Meet Your Needs

Using Pick and Pack Companies for your shipping and warehousing needs is a cost efficient option for your company.  They offer flexible solutions for all sized businesses.  If your business lacks space and personnel or time related resources, a Pick & Pack company may give you less stress along with saving you time and money, something that has an effect on your bottom line.  Explore your options and choose one that works best for your business.

Top 6 Reasons to Use Our Service Instead of Researching on Your Own

  1. Vendor Screening:  We thoroughly screen all pick and pack companies before they are in our database.  Our knowledge of the industry for the past 7 years has allowed us to develop an excellent pre-screening checklist for evaluating businesses before matching our customers with the most relevant providers.  We look at shipping error rates, customer referrals together with other business factors in compiling our database.  We’re the only company that truly pre-screens their vendors.
  2. Knowledgeable:  We have over 7 years of experience connecting businesses.  Our staff works daily on keeping abreast of current and future education to aid our customers with up-to-date technology.  And we pride ourselves in working closely with our customers and vendors to find out answers to important questions that arise between them.
  3. Unbiased:  Everyone claims to be unbiased – we mean it.  We match you with pick and pack companies that can meet all your specific needs.  We help you through the process, but you must make your own decision on whether to use one of the companies supplied to you.  So why are we unbiased? We’re not a broker, instead we charge each Pick & Pack company each time we make an introduction.  NO CHARGE TO YOU, and you are under no obligation to use any of the companies that contact you with a competitive quote.  It’s always your choice.
  4. Excellent Client Relations:  We pride ourselves in excellent client relations with our customers and vendors.  Sometimes you just need an answer to industry questions.  We’re here to help.  You will have access to blogs that aim to educate and answer questions most important to the industry.  Our staff is always available for more specific needs your business may have about pick & pack services.
  5. Cost of Service:  CAN YOU SAY FREE?  We’re not brokers, instead we charge each fulfillment company vendor each time we make an introduction.  You’re not charged for the service.
  6. It’s Fast & Simple: We have a quick form for gathering information – it doesn’t get any easier than that! Stop searching the web for hours and hours without any idea as to the actual quality of each pick and pack company. Get connected to thoroughly screened companies fast!